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i'm in a bad m0od rite n0w. wanna know why? watch this. click the picture to see it clearly.

there is this page in Facebook, which is I'm proud to be a muslim. what is your thought when you read the title for the first time? especially when u see it through ur FB sidebar. and most of your friend click 'like' to the page. great isn't it? feels like "yes, i'm proud to be a muslim!". s0, u juz keep on follow ur friend and click 'like' WITHOUT looking at the content of the page...am i rite?

that's what happen to me before. this morning, when i l0ok at the page i am totally sh0ck when i watch the photo they've been posted in it and all comment on their wall. they have been insult our religion and our beloved prophet, Nabi Muhammad s.a.w! argh! i'm s0o freaking mad rite now.

feels like crying to see what they've been doing to us. there is so many pictures that says a vad thing bout our prophet! i can't just stand there doing nothing thus i try to fight with them. but then, coz i'm alone that time i've been attacked with s0 many comment that make me numb for a moment. feels like wanna cry again!

but then, Alhamdulillah some of muslim who aware with the page help a lot with the fight. my friend ask me to stop l0oking at the page. how can i d0 that? they've been insulting Islam! but then he said to me that;

" to fight with them we need strategy, not emotion. use a rite
words to debate with them. don't use unappropriate word to them. show them that we are not terrorist. make them think wisely before reply ur comment. thats ways, maybe Allah will give them guidence. we don't know bout that rite?"

yeah..rite. everything that Allah have set up must have its own reason. i believe something g0od will be happen someday. InsyaAllah...

p/s: sepanjang hari dok marah-marah sampai tak belajar. ops! teruknya.. nak buat macam mana..hati tak tenang...aduyai..


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