my blues.

as salam.

today's word would be CONFUSION. yeah. confusion. 

why does it keep haunting me? *it is the main subject okeeey?*

i'm in the middle of confusion. i'm confuse about myself, about friend, about love, about them. BUT! there is only one thing that make me sure, and 100% confirm. =')

I've got HIM. HE who always LOVES me. no matter how many times i keep breaking my own promises, HE always there for me when i'm in need. no matter how many times i did, forget about HIM for a second, instead, HE never, ever, forget about me. not even a second. reminding of HIS kindness does make me sad. because sometimes, it seems that i can't see HIS kindness. naaah, not that i'm blind or what. but it's more like.... I've forget. I've forgotten. Thank You Allah! =')

now, back to my confusion. i don't know. my friend says that i'm the most foolish girl they've ever met. yeah, i know that. i also feel the same bout myself. =__= but what should i do? tell me, what is the best thing to do if you're in my situation. i had tried to be heart-cold women. i had tried  to be strong. i had tried to push my problem away. faaaaaaaaaaar away. but 'that' problem keep on coming. and the best part is.... it's seems like it was me, who keep pull back my that problem. and i'm afraid that it will always be the same. even though i try to change it. haish...

i think i need more 'therapy' right now. more and more. and that will keep me calm. seriously, it does! wanna know the secret?


SOLAT is the best therapy ever. try it. =')

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