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Saturday, 16 June 2012

our story.

as salam.

...once so close... now  we're far apart...

it's really awkward...even just to say 'hai' and 'what cha doing'.it's really hard...even to smile on your jokes. and when jealousy comes, i keep reminding myself, "what for?". because now, our situation not the same as before. yeah.. you have move on. I have move on. but still, there is a time when i miss our old times together. *sigh*

somebody says that;

‎"... bila kita ketuk paku pada dinding..
kalau kita cabut balik semula pun, bekasnya tetap ada ..."

Fikir baik² sebelum nak lakukan sesuatu lagi-lagi apabila ianya berkait dengan orang lain.

we have to be strong. even though it's hurt us badly. i know you can do it. i know i can do it. i know, we both can do it. Allah choose us to be in this situation. because He know we can make it through. so, sincerely from my heart, please! Please be strong. you are a nice person. i know you can handle it. be strong dear friend. once you are my friend, forever you may be. =')


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